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Bridge & Boro | A brief history of New York City’s Garment District

NYC’s historic Garment District is just one square mile, from 35th to 41st street between 5th and 9th Avenue. At it’s peak in the 1970’s the area employed over 200,000 skilled labrorers, many of whom were immigrants, and produced over 75% of all clothing that was made in the USA. As cheap labor became more easily available in the 80’s and 90’s those numbers began to dwindle. Today, the Garment District employees only 20,000 and produces only a small fraction of the clothing volume it once did. Read more...


“Carmelo Bari is my dad and he is a pattern maker from Italy. He immigrated to New York in 1970, leaving behind his entire family in search of opportunity and the ‘American Dream’. His story was the inspiration for starting Bridge & Boro. I wanted to carry on the craft my dad has spent a lifetime perfecting and start something that we can hopefully pass on to future generations. We focus on fit and tailored details that showcase the quality of the materials we use and the craftsmanship of local artisans."


It’s starting to get crazy how often I’m talking about denim, but it’s just such a nice fabric for year-round wear. It’s durable, comfortable and stylish, which is essentially the holy trinity of my fashion. I’ve styled this denim shirt from Bridge & Boro today in two different ways. Read more...

This first look is all made by NYC based denim line Bridge & Boro. The reason why I chose their pieces for this look is the way the denim is tailored. It's fitted without being skin-tight, and the attention to detail is incredible the seams on the side of the jeans, the different shade of denim under the button placket on the shirt - it's the little details that add up to a big impression. Read more...



"Denim is so versatile. Love this shirt from @BridgeNBoro! You can easily dress this one up or down"


Bridge and Boro: A New York City Clothing Brand

Working with artisan brands is great because you are always only a few steps away from the owners and designers who made the products.  They are almost always accessible and excited to tell their stories.  Talking to small and medium American manufacturers is inspiring, because they give so much just to survive, and have a committed drive that manifests as self-confidence.  Just the other day, I had the pleasure of talking with Bridge and Boro’s founder Fabio Bari about his business, his passion, and what has now become his livelihood.  Read more...




"Dying to wear this outfit, but this torrential rain storm needs to stop! The details on the jeans are amazing. Check out @bridgenboro for these jeans and more fabulous denim pieces made in NYC"


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