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Can the Tailor Survive?

There’s quite a view from the terrazza of the Scotto house in Monte di Procida, Italy. You have the islands of Ischia and Procida to your right, the gulf of Naples straight ahead, and Mount Vesuvius to your left. Just over the hills to the left of that view of the Gulf is a tradition, or more so an art form, that has an uncertain future. While on our tour of southern Italy visiting family and friends last month, I had the honor to sit with Luigi Solito of the storied Neopolitan tailoring house Sartoria Solito. Luigi is a third...

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Style isn’t about clothes. Advice from a BnB family icon.

A few days ago we celebrated the 60th birthday of my father in law Biagio Scotto aka Papà. 60 is an important milestone in someone’s life and since he is such an important part of the family we all took a trip to Cape Cod to spend the weekend together. This is really the only thing Biagio ever wants for his birthday, or any day in fact, to spend time together. I’ve celebrated 10 birthdays with him now and while it is hilarious to see him pretend to be excited when opening a birthday gift with yet another shirt or...

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Where is the Cube?

So I met my cousin Rosemarie and our photographer Pietro at Astor Place yesterday. Or what used to be Astor Place….for starters the famous Cube sculpture from Tony Rosenthal was missing. Apparently it had been removed about a year ago to protect it from getting damaged because of the construction in the area - a sign of the times. Astor Place holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I would take the NR train to from Penn Station and begin my exploration of the then gritty and sometimes scary East Village. This exploration began circa late 90’s /...

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